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Last Day With Umbilical Cord (in a diaper for visibility)

Last Day With Umbilical Cord (in a diaper for visibility)

Mom can tell Rachel is about to lose her umbilical cord stump so she makes a video. She is six days old in this video.

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UMBILICAL CORD CLEANING & Infant Tummy Time | Dr. Paul


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Newborn Baby Helps Doctor Cut Umbilical Cord

See the unrestricted version here: http://umbilical-cord.purzuit.com/video/0FYC4BmJk6U.html This newborn baby is literally 3 minutes old and he actually holds the forceps while the nurse removes the last...

finds a user from Philippines on Apr 12, 2012
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[HD] Inside Pregnancy Video - How food reaches your baby

A 3D animated look at how the food you eat gets broken down into tiny elements, is absorbed into your bloodstream, then passes across the placenta to your baby. Transcript: ---------------...

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Bathing a Newborn Baby (with Umbilical Cord): Step-by-step Video

Bathing your newborn baby may seem intimidating at first, but with a little practice, all mummies and daddies can do it. In this video, the experts from KK Women's and Children's Hospital...

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How to clean baby's umbilical cord

It's the only non-cute thing about bringing home a baby. That's why they don't tell you anything about it. They let you notice it on your own and then ask questions. So ask them! Or watch this...

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Steps for Preserving Umbilical Cord Stem Cells

This video created by Bode Animation for Life cell Corporation. For more videos: http://www.bodeanimation.com/portfolio.html, Video's all about simple 5-step process and this is how it happens.

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June 1st 2016 Umbilical Cord Falls Off!!! Milestones!

Our 13 day old baby's umbilical cord falls off! Kay's mom is still in town to support and help us get through the hardships of hormones and the logistical responsibility of having a new baby....

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Umbilical Cord Care for Your Newborn Baby

Umbilical Cord Care for Your Newborn Baby | The umbilical cord just falls off by itself after a couple weeks. Try to keep it dry by keeping the nappy from covering it and make sure to clean...

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43 General Embryology Umbilical Cord


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October 25, 2015 Levi is now 1 week old! Kyra is not happy about that since she doesn't want him to grow up but Oscar is excited about it. Levi's umbilical cord finally fell off as well...

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Delayed Umbilical Cord Clamping

It's easy to cut the cord as soon as the baby's out! But delayed umbilical cord clamping is a (sometimes very) easy way of improving outcomes. I've written about the topic before on...

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Baby Cuts Its Own Umbilical Cord Video Dailymotion


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EMT Cutting the umbilical cord

EMT Made Easy.

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Umbilical Cord Collection

Umbilical cord collection instructions for abused drug testing in newborns.

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Umbilical cord iPhone charger

Grow Cable is an umbilical cord smartphone cable that pulsates as it charges. The creator says it was designed as social commentary on the growing dependence over smart phones. The cable currently...

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Caring For Babies: Umbilical Cord Care

Becoming a Mum is a tough job. With a new tiny life in your hands, every step along the way can be overwhelming, whether it's the first feed, the first nappy change, or caring for the umbilical...

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How to clean an Umbilical Cord

Orlando Pediatrician, Dr. Gregory Gordon demonstrates how to care for an umbilical cord.

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शिशु जन्म Umbilical Cord से जुडी महत्वपूर्ण सावधानिया/how to care umbilical cord of newborn baby

शिशु जन्म Umbilical Cord से जुडी महत्वपूर्ण सावधानिया/how to care umbilical cord of newborn baby-- This video will show you...

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UMBILICAL CORD CARE | Baby Care with Jenni June

Ever wonder how to properly care for your newborn's umbilical cord? Host and mom of 4, Jenni June, guides you through the simple process with two different options so you can choose whichever...

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Umbilical Cord Collection Training Video

Screening Umbilical Cord Tissue For Alcohol And Drugs of Abuse USDTL introduced the first umbilical cord drug test panels in 2007. This unique specimen matrix offers a number of advantages....

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We must cut the umbilical cord of 3 Baby Cats - Nabelschnur von Katzenbabys durchtrennen

Da unsere Katze nach der Geburt von 5 Kätzchen sehr geschwächt war mussten wir die Nabelschnur von 3 Kätzchen selbst abbinden und durchschneiden.

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How To Care For Your Baby's Umbilical Cord? | Best for Baby

How To Care For Your Baby's Umbilical Cord? | Best for Baby The umbilical cord area is a very sensitive part of a newborn baby's skin. Make sure you take good care of it by keeping the area...

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Disposable umbilical cord clamp


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Roman Atwood Cuts His Daughter Umbilical Cord


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